The Innovation and Development of Mobile Technology
White Paper by VeriQual
The advancement of mobile technology has created new opportunities for businesses all over the globe. Mobile Apps were virtually unheard of only a decade ago but now things have changed. Now there are thousands of Apps available on both the iOS and the Android platform. This has created a brand new market for developers. Businesses can now reach their target market more directly and efficiently through mobile Apps.

Companies these days are in cut throat competition and mobile technology is seen as a powerful tool that can help these businesses capture the market. Mobile technologies are opening new channels of communication between people and governments, potentially offering greater access to information and services to all. No other technology has been in the hands of so many people in so many countries in such a short period of time.

The reason why mobile technology is making such a huge impact is that it is easily available to everyone. Mobile technologies offer portable, real-time, communication and information access for people who previously had little access to communication channels. Access to Apps is easy because most are available for free and all you need is a Wi-Fi connection to run them.

At VeriQual we excel at using mobile technologies for marketing and business development purposes. Our developers have high level expertise and vast experience of working on both the iOS and the Android platform. We also work on cross platform development for our customers.
The problem areas in the industry
Smart phones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous, and, with them, mobile Apps. This though has created a problem for businesses because they don't know which platform to use and who to pick to develop their Apps. Given that this is still a relatively new industry, chances are that mistakes will be made. Developers also face similar challenges as they have to at times build a single App twice for each platform. They might even have to convince businesses to use cross platform development.

Initially we only had iOS so things were a lot simpler for both businesses and developers. But as time passed by Android entered into the market and presented new opportunities to stakeholders. Now all of a sudden the idea of developing a single App that runs everywhere has became a goal that was much harder to achieve. But one that remains as attractive as ever.

Basically mobile Apps are very useful for generating revenue for your business. Modern day businesses have now come to the realization that smartphones have opened a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities for them. But finding quality developers that can be trusted can be quite a challenging task for business leaders.

The mobile App market is so competitive that there is no guarantee of success. Everyday new Apps are being released but very few of them deliver upon their purpose. This outlines the need for quality mobile App developers for iOS and Android. The failure of companies to find professional and experienced App developers can lead to their downfall.
How does VeriQual work on mobile Apps development?
VeriQual is a company that not only provides you highly dedicated mobile App development services but also puts the customer's interest before everything else. Our agile practices ensure that the App we develop is free of errors and runs smoothly. Our main aim is to create Apps that lead to better business opportunities for you.

We have a hugely experienced team of mobile App developers who have the ability to work under pressure and deliver results. VeriQual's track record speaks for itself, we have developed numerous mobile Apps so far. Some of our most notable projects on the iOS and Android platforms include Kitchen Fast, Falcon Expenses, MenuSpring and Appshed.

All our developers have a minimum of 5 years of experience of working on all platforms. We also work on cross platform development which is still a relatively new field. What sets us apart from others in the field of mobile development is our attention to detail. At VeriQual we focus closely on each and every phase of App development thus ensuring that the end result is as close to perfection as possible.
How mobile Apps can benefit your business?
Mobile Apps have numerous benefits for your business which is why you should consider them as a marketing and business development tool. Lets look at some of the major benefits of using Mobile Apps.
  • Helps in optimizing your productivity
  • Enables you to create business transactions that were previously restricted
  • Helps in minimising your overhead costs
  • Build loyalty and reinforce your brand
  • Increase exposure across mobile devices
  • Connecting you with on-the-go consumers
No one can deny the importance of mobile Apps in today's modern era. As a developmental tool mobile Apps are playing a crucial role. These Apps are actually propelling established and new businesses to the next level. No matter what your business, the mobile App that we develop can help you get and retain customers. The Apps that VeriQual develops will allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way.
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