Falcon Expenses
Business Challenge
Falcon Expenses is a fully mobile solution for expense and invoice tracking, which saves business travellers time and money. The Falcon Expenses iPhone solution was envisaged to allow users to scan receipts, auto-track mileage with GPS and log time with an integrated timer. Also, Falcon Expenses would make it easy to organise expenses by client, project and report so they could be easily formatted into a report and emailed to anyone (in a PDF or CSV file) for payment or reimbursement.

VeriQual was chosen to build the technology platform, including the website, iPhone application and back-end services. We started with developing the iOS application and then created the backend using the PHP Zend Framework. The application also integrates a third-party OCR solution, which processes the scanned receipts and presents them for verification to human operators. Falcon Expenses received Angel funding in May 2013 based on the technology solution we developed.

Project Duration:
9 months
Angel Funding in May 2013
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Everything is great and I will be back with more work shortly and the team is awesome!Brooke Sugarman, Falcon Expenses
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