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Why Work at VeriQual?
VeriQual is a dynamic organization that puts great emphasis on employee retention, recognition and growth. We offer excellent benefits to our employees and provide them an environment where they can thrive.
Why join Veriqual
Work Environment
At VeriQual you will experience a relaxed work environment where the focus is on productivity and not on arbitrary rules.
Industry Exposure
When working at VeriQual you will be able to broaden your horizons and greatly enhance your skills. As an employee at the company you will get to work with a global client base and benefit from the mature development processes we employ.
VeriQual makes a commitment to the professional development of its employees. We cultivate a workforce that grows with the company. To achieve this we use training programs that strengthen your skills.
Location & Office
Our offices are based away from the centre of the city in a building owned and operated by us. We provide pick and drop facility to all the team members. The work environment is fun, casual, and collaborative with "play" rooms for Table Tennis too. There is lots of space for parking, plus Cricket and Foosball. Need we say more?
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