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2004Started by industry experts
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30+Team of highly skilled developers
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Kris R.
Jesse Froehlich
Blue Barrel Systems
Thanks Samir for your team's very hard work these 4 years
Tom Allason, CEO, Shutl, acquired by eBay Oct 2013
Your team has done a great job and has enabled us to attract significant member traffic during our soft launch. Thank you!
Stephan Jacob,

I've loved working with your Scrum Master and your Team. I plan on recommending you and also am working on another project which I want to work with you on.
Kris R, DimeCompanies

I"m very pleased. I like working with the team and VeriQual and I intend to make you my only and primary resource for software development projects.
Tim Hidalgo
I will tell you I have been impressed with the clear and streamlined communications from your whole team, and the speediness of work (without compromising quality!) and responsiveness to feedback. I am completely thrilled with the design of my website, a very fresh and well-laid-out design, and I'm looking forward to working with you again on Phase II.
Jesse Froelich, BlueBarrel Systems
Firstly let me say thanks for your real commitment to supplying an outstanding service to our company. You have taken the initiative on numerous occasions to ensure our team is stable and well resourced. I am so grateful for your partnership with us.
Torsten Stauch, CTO,
Firstly, I think you are all doing a fantastic job. All the time I am telling people about the great team we have and that we would never be able to create what we have without you guys. There have been so many ideas/solutions that you guys have come up with on your own. Great work, keep it up!
Rob Sturgess, Red C
You pulled through with the android app. It is coming together. Can you please sign up your Android developer. I feel really comfortable working with him and I think we will have a great product.
Ali Meruani, CEO, MenuSpring
After having tried two vendors and getting frustrated by their lack of professionalism, I chose VeriQual after having looked at the quality of work that they had delivered. Needless to say I was not disappointed with the end result of my project. It was delivered dot on time. I will definitely turn to VeriQual in future for additional work.
Director Operations, Dawn Bread
The client has telephoned through the order for this afternoon (so a big thanks for your team's help on this). We sent him a couple of other designs as comparison but he felt that the one you guys prepared was 'spot on' (his exact words).
Lee Longhurst, Longhurst Solutions
I would like to commend your developer. Whilst I have been dealing with him, he has responded quickly to the tickets relating to these projects and as a result we have a happy customer.
Ian Blackburn, Africa Media Online
I wanted to mention we've seen some excellent work from your developers since the project started.
Matt Bullamore, CEO, Blyk
Its going great with the guys at the moment, they've done an excellent job and my client should be receiving their Q4 budgets any time now thanks to you guys :)
Geoff Wright,
We are very happy with VeriQual's work and working with your developers has been excellent. If you would like references then we'd be happy to provide that. We also hope that if in the future we need development resource we could count on you guys to provide that.
Sim Stewart, Cofacio
I am glad that I made the decision to engage VeriQual for my customers' e-commerce projects. I have had very good feedback from my customers about the finished work and that, naturally, has put a big smile of satisfaction on my face. You guys have given me ample assurance to outsource my work with confidence to VeriQual. You have a great team who, at every stage of the project, have shown patience and willingness to listen and go that extra mile to meet both mine and my customers' requirements. In the end, I have to say that many organisations promise great customer service but few actually deliver above and beyond expectations. VeriQual are one such company.
Dr Aziz Shaikh, Director, UniversalSoft Ltd.
Many thanks for sorting out the websites so quickly. Please please on my thanks to your developer for his good work.
Rino Manzo, Rico Consultants
Everything is great and I will be back with more work shortly and the team is awesome!
Brooke Sugarman, Falcon Expenses
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