The Implementation of the Test Driven Development Process
White Paper by VeriQual
Test driven development or (TDD) as it is known is a software development process. This process basically revolves around the repetition of a development cycle. It is a concept that ensures code quality is always maintained. When using the test driven development methodology software engineers develop short iterations and then test code while cleaning any deficiencies that show up in code quality. This methodology was developed in the 90's by Kent Bock and ever since then it has been widely used by technology companies across the globe.

The idea behind this whole process is to create something that works for the time being and can be improved upon later. After each test is conducted refactoring is done and a similar test is performed again. The testing continues till the desired specifications are met.
Where can TDD be implemented?
  • Test driven development can be implemented at the basic level which includes test cases, build and refactoring.
  • It can also be implemented as part of a comprehensive development process which extends the methodology to black box testing scripts.
  • TDD can also be implemented to agile processes such as SCRUM

(TDD) is one of the most important practices in the field of software engineering today which is why we implement it. Some companies may deem test driven development to be a tedious process but this is not the case at VeriQual. We believe that if the end result is up to the requirement of the customer then all the effort in using this methodology is worth it.
The use of TDD in the industry
Those companies that use test driven development will tell you that it is perhaps the most sound technique of testing software. Classic software development methods are now outdated and can no longer give you the results that you want. TDD on the other hand is a disciplined approach to software design. It encourages what you would call “good enough” solutions. Some people are skeptical of this approach but at VeriQual we have greatly benefited by using test driven development.

By using test driven development procedures we have managed to increase the reliability of our operations and boosted productivity. In the technology industry many deem the transition to TDD to be too difficult. But in our case we have found that Test Driven Development works smoothly given you are prepared to put in the effort.
Why has VeriQual adopted TDD?
As a company our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Keeping this is mind we always aim to choose practices and business methods that are beneficial for our customers. One of the reasons why we chose TDD was that it works well with agile principles. We always wanted to work with a mechanism that helps us with incremental development of clean code. By creating code that is of exceptional quality we can pretty much guarantee the success of any App.

Test Driven Development has also greatly benefited our programmers. Their work has been made much easier as they can now write simple, clean code that works. By using Test Driven Development our agile teams can efficiently deliver powerful software to our clients.

  • TDD brings clarity to software requirements
  • It encourages automated testing
  • Eliminates defects at the source, thereby minimizing the impact of quality assurance activities near the end of the development process
  • Helps us deliver working software in small increments so clients don't have to wait to see what we are producing
  • Allows testers to work to their strengths, unburdened by unrealistic deadlines and expectations
How can TDD benefit your business?
The use of test driven development by VeriQual is not only beneficial for us as a business but it also has various benefits for our clients. TDD can ultimately lead to an increase in the quality of the finished App thus making it a more valuable asset for you. The time to market is also reduced significantly because of this procedure. Perhaps the most significant business gains delivered by TDD come from substantially and fundamentally boosting the quality of the software components of your system. Let's take a more detailed look at the advantages of TDD for your business.
A Great Investment
Any project that is completed using TDD will be a great investment for your business. The software will be built using clean code which means that it will be easily maintainable.
High Quality App
The TDD procedure enables us to focus on each single component of the App. The testing procedures enable us to consistently measure the quality at every stage. This continual investment in quality yields significant dividends at the overall system level. The final product you receive will be higher quality compared to other methodologies.
Enhances Flexibility
Test driven development is the ideal tool to use specially when the industry is so competitive. TDD enables us to rapidly respond to a changing environment or unanticipated product updates. A company that relies on a solid TDD culture with a rich test base is your best chance to seize opportunities and beat competitors to the market.
TDD has benefits for all stakeholders including developers, management and clients. As a result of using this methodology customers have more confidence in the software because they know that the test suite, consisting of many small tests, will detect problems immediately after a change is made to the code.

VeriQual's customer driven business approach has already helped numerous clients enhance their business portfolio. We use Test Driven Development to ensure that your business interests are properly looked after. We are fully committed to delivering quality Apps that meet your needs.
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