How VeriQual Has Helped Technology Startups Raise Finance
White Paper by VeriQual
In today's modern era things are changing rapidly. Businesses are no longer run in the manner they were before. Technology has completely changed the landscape of the industry. In the decades gone by no one could have thought of a startup making a big impact on the business industry. But now this is very much a possibility as evidenced by startups like Instagram, Snapchat and Shutl. All these business started as small scale enterprises but grew exponentially in a short period of time.

So how did they achieve so much success in such a short time? Was it the idea? Definitely, the ideas that these companies came up with were a major reason in their success but it wasn't the only factor. Another key factor was perhaps the development and implementation of their technology. The development of quality software has helped many startups achieve their goals and ambitions.

Software and technology solutions of optimum quality play a pivotal role in propelling a tech startup onto the path of success. It helps these newbies raise finance which then directly increases their market value and makes them a much more valuable commodity.
The problem areas in the industry
The problem that most tech startups face is that they lack planning and focus. Given that these businesses are new in the industry they face challenges that are difficult to cope with. Firstly technology startups have to come up with an idea that draws the attention of the consumers. Secondly they have to find technology and software solutions to back up their idea.

Successfully getting funding for your business depends on a number of factors. But it is the belief of industry experts that the quality of your software and technology is the most important factor. Most startups outsource software development and this is where the problem occurs. When you outsource you are literally putting your fate into the hands of another company. However this is a very common practice in the technology industry. Many startups outsource certain aspects of their App development to other companies. If the company you are working with is unreliable you will be the one who suffers.

For technology startups it is important that they select outsourcing companies very carefully. VeriQual is one company that has a proven track record of helping tech startups develop products which enable them to raise finance. Our long term vision and agile software development processes give us the edge over others in the industry. At VeriQual, we always ensure that quality is maintained and the demands of the clients are met.
Why is VeriQual the right software development company for you?
There are so many software development companies out there but why would you choose VeriQual? This is a very valid question that a lot of businesses leaders may have on their mind. To answer this lets look at some statistics that prove our credentials.
  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Expert developers with over 5 years of experience
  • Work on leading technologies including RoR, PHP, Android, iOS and many more
  • 500+ Projects Completed
  • Over 200 clients satisfied
  • 85% yearly growth rate
These numbers tell the story of our company. From humble beginnings we have grown into a dynamic organisation of 30+ developers who have created over $500 million in value for our customers. Our vast experience and portfolio shows that VeriQual is among the leading software development outsourcing companies for high growth start ups and established businesses.
How can VeriQual help you raise financing?
VeriQual can help you raise finance by developing software that is of a very high standard. We can contribute to your company's development by providing creative software solutions. At VeriQual, we have very firm beliefs about which methodology which we want to use to develop software. Our reliance on agile processes ensures that all the software we develop is throughly tested at every stage. The chances of errors in the development phase are significantly reduced because of agile practices. We also use Test Driven Development (TDD) to eliminate errors at their source.

By developing a strong foundation for you we make your product more marketable. We work with you to create the product that you desire. We study your concepts first and then give our input thus collaborating together to create a spectacular App. The success or failure of any App cannot be guaranteed but what we can guarantee is the quality and usability of the App.
We have proven time and again that we can help startups succeed. You come up with the idea and we will provide you the technology expertise. We are not only great developers but are also great communicators. We use agile practices to design and develop better software so that you get value for your money and have the best chance at making your startup a success.
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