NahlWorks Game
Business Challenge
Nahl works is a Publisher of games and books aimed at young children. They selected VeriQual to develop their latest iPad app based on the translation they had done of the Quran which uses visual cues and icons to make it more accessible for Children. The app also required development of exercises within the app which would test the understanding children had gained from reading each Chapter.

Building on the experience VeriQual had of developing children's games for the iOS platform, we developed the visuals for Nahl Work's app which were ver well received by their team. The app development started with an engine which could be reused as new Chapters were translated, without having to develop each one from scratch. We then developed the games which would form the test stage at the end of each section. There were three types of games which could be set up with different content and the code could be reused to develop the games quickly.

Project Duration:
3 months
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