Business Challenge
Minuco needed development support with its Vigilize product suite which was to be specifically designed for the needs of telecommunications companies. The Vigilize product suite required development of B2B gateways and front end functionality to achieve true automation of broadband provisioning. Minuco’s clients include Bulldog, One.Tel and British Telecom.

We worked on the front end functionality for Vigilize, developing the screens and integrating them with the back end to provide a seamless user experience. We dedicated a team to work on the project for several months and worked alongside the team at Minuco as an extension to their in-house team.

Project Duration:
9 months
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Firstly, I think you are all doing a fantastic job. All the time I am telling people about the great team we have and that we would never be able to create what we have without you guys. There have been so many ideas/solutions that you guys have come up with on your own. Great work, keep it up!Rob Sturgess, Red C
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