GlowFizz Game
Business Challenge
We were asked to develop a fully functional Chemistry Kit for the iPad. The game would allow a child to use a Chemistry Kit on the iPad to carry out experiments. We needed to allow the user to drag and drop chemicals into test tubes and beakers, pour liquid into them and see the effects of the chemical reactions real time, all on the iPad.

We built a framework which allowed real-world physics on the iPad. We built the finctionality to place objects, chemicals, liquids etc in the virtual lab. Making the experiments intuitive and allowing the child to see step by step how to complete the experiment was a challenge. Since the game had to be fun to play but instructions could be complex, we had to design the game to graphically represent complex instructions so they were clear enough to follow.

Project Duration:
12 weeks
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You pulled through with the android app. It is coming together. Can you please sign up your Android developer. I feel really comfortable working with him and I think we will have a great product.Ali Meruani, CEO, MenuSpring
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