Business Challenge
Cofacio's founders wanted to develop a Help Engine app which could be used on the web, from an iPhone or an Android app, to help other people and support charitable causes at the same time. People would be able to offer advice on a range of subjects such as cooking, charity acutions, places to visit and things to buy. By using the help engine, users would earn goodwill points which would be turned into funds for charity projects by Cofacio's corporate partners.

The founders were technically savvy and felt comfortable retaining our developers on a monthly contract, to work alongside the founders to develop the app. VeriQual augmented the development team for various technology stacks, including Android, iPhone and PHP and also provided Quality Assurance services. The collaborative development was done using tools such as Github, Screen sharing tools and Skype. We used the Agile Scrum methodology for the project.

Project Duration:
14 months
Cofacio Android App
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We are very happy with VeriQual's work and working with your developers has been excellent. If you would like references then we'd be happy to provide that. We also hope that if in the future we need development resource we could count on you guys to provide that. Sim Stewart, Cofacio
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