Booking Bug
Business Challenge
Booking Bug was developed by a distributed team of designers and developers based in the UK and USA. Building on the platform that had been developed, Booking Bug required an eCommerce solution and an API to be developed. They were also looking for plugins which would allow partners to seamlessly integrate with the Booking Bug platform. Starting from these requirements, we have supported Booking Bug through its growth and evolution since 2008 and multiple funding rounds. Booking Bug is a leader in its space and a great example of well-written code.

We provided a team of Senior RoR developers to Booking Bug who could quickly understand the developed platform and build on it to meet the client requirements. An API was developed and several plugins which allow integration with sites were written in various languages. Since 2008, we have supported Booking Bug's evolution and further developed the platform.

Project Duration:
Supported since 2008
Received £208k in April 2011 and £60k in Jan 2014
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I would like to commend your developer. Whilst I have been dealing with him, he has responded quickly to the tickets relating to these projects and as a result we have a happy customer.Ian Blackburn, Africa Media Online
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