Mastering the Art of Using the Agile Development Methodology
White Paper by VeriQual
Agile development is perhaps the most dynamic software development, that is in use today. Currently many of the world's leading technology companies are benefiting by using agile development methods. Agile development basically helps businesses overcome barriers in traditional software development. It is a conceptual framework that minimizes risk and maximizes productivity. By using agile development methodology businesses and consumers can track and assess the direction of a project throughout its development phase.
Key Characteristics of Agile Development
  • Frequent delivery to clients
  • More iterations
  • Decreasing the number of defects
  • Frequent testing
  • Collaborative approach towards work
  • Maximum ROI
These are some of the key characteristics that set agile development apart from the rest. For technology companies this model is ideal because it has the capability of adapting to change. At VeriQual we believe in using this methodology to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Agile development has helped us reduce development costs and also enabled us to work at a much faster pace.
The problem areas in the industry
Having discussed the basic elements of the agile development methodology, now lets look at the problem areas in the industry that this method has helped resolve. Over the years great progress has been made with regards to agile development with some even claiming it to be a continuous problem solving mechanism. The agile methodology is not something new, it has been around for the best part of 12 years. The successes that have been achieved using agile development are well documented. It has now become a mainstream development tool that is being widely used by multinationals around the world.

The agile development methodology was derived from real-life project experiences. Traditional methods of the olden days including waterfall development weren't giving the required results which is why companies switched to agile development. Ever since VeriQual started using the agile development methodology, the company has evolved its technical capabilities and found it easier to focus on delivering business value. At VeriQual our developers use agile processes to create a continuous process of planning and feedback. This has also enabled them to align software with desired business needs.
Why has VeriQual adopted the agile methodology?
VeriQual from the very start has relied on the agile development methodology because it helps us improve continuously. We as a company prioritize our customers interests which is why we prefer to use agile processes. Listed below are some of factors that have made us adopt agile methodology.
Iterative and Incremental Delivery
By using agile processes we are able to divide up the project delivery into smaller portions. We get get regular feedback from our customers thus enabling us to reduce errors in the development phase. The small releases that we provide are delivered using iterations which last for a couple of weeks. The project design, codes and tests are also updated incrementally as and when changes are made to the project.
The VeriQual team is also able to collaborate in a much more comprehensive manner as a result of using the agile development methodology. Our developers have face to face interactions with one another and are able to conduct meetings and design sessions everyday. All the team members are self organized, collaborating to complete tasks without any management interference.
Post Project Analysis
Project reflection meetings which are a part of the agile setup enable us to re-evaluate our work and eliminate any errors that occur. This also helps us gauge the successes and failures of our work regularly. Daily meetings also give our developers the chance to share ideas and exchange information to fine tune improvements continuously.
Engaging Stakeholders
The agile methodology firstly provides numerous opportunities for stakeholder engagement. This basically means that you can monitor the process of development closely. As a client you will be involved in every step of the development and will be able to collaborate with our development team. Our team members will discuss your ideas in detail with you and understand your vision before proceeding any further. At VeriQual we believe in building trust with our customers so that success can be achieved mutually.
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